Or, I’ve got a lot to do today, so the thing to do is hop on Youtube and go through my pictures

2013-06-26 08.58.44

These giant carp still haunt my dreams. We were riding a boat in Luisenpark and these fish kept on following us going “FEED ME FEED ME FEED ME” even though you haven’t been able to feed the fish there in years and years. I felt a strange mixture of guilt and disgust that left me feeling resentful and then self-loathing. Fish really shouldn’t have so much power over your emotions.

Every now and again I get this song stuck in my head, so I play the video and then from out of nowhere I hear my oldest son start snapping and singing along. The kids these days! I will never understand them and their crazy ways.

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I forgot how big the snails are in Germany. They freaked one of my kids out. He’d see one and start running, which I’m sure made sense to him at the time, but dude, it’s a snail. You are running away from a snail. We tried to get him to see the humor in doing a slo-mo run away from the snail but he wasn’t ready yet. That’s okay, we all have our little quirks.

2013-06-25 05.25.58

Like me. This shrew got into my parents basement and I was all “Sure mom, I’ll help you capture it!” But every time the shrew got near, I dropped the box and started shrieking. I mean, look at it! It could probably twitch me to death no problem with it’s horrible twitching snout. And those eyes! So beady! So able to bore into my very soul! My mom wound up catching the shrew and dumped it in a bucket so I could take a picture of it with my telephoto lens. Except every time I’d focus, it would look really, really close and I’d shriek because I forgot I was using a camera with a telephoto lens. Thank goodness I was wearing the neck strap like the dork I am! A lot of times, I look at those people acting like they are so cool holding their camera by the hand grip, like “yeah, I’m so competent and confident that I know that there is no way I’m going to drop this baby into a moat” and I wished I could be like them, but then a shrew attacks me and I realize better look dorky than have to fight to retrieve my camera from a shrew bucket.

2013-06-26 09.11.36

Speaking of the telephoto, it’s not really a great one and I’m not really a photographer, so I have all of these mediocre pictures of birds and nobody cares. I mean, it’s not like I don’t like their mediocre pictures of their average looking children, so I don’t get why they aren’t returning the love.

2013-05-31 10.36.39-1

I mean seriously, who wouldn’t love that?

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