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A Whole Chicken in a Can – yes, it’s exactly what it says.

The World’s Best Egg Roll Recipe - whether you call them egg rolls or spring rolls my mom’s recipe is the best.

Pork Brains in Milk Gravy – seriously not for the squeamish

People Who Need Pupa are the Pluckiest People – my brother took one for the team and let us video him eating some pupa.

The Six Grodiest Foods I’ve Tried So Far – posts with food in them seem to be inordinately popular.

These are particularly funny, in my opinion:

15 Options Facebook Needs to Offer – because like just isn’t cutting it.

Why I Shouldn’t Be The Good Mood Blogger – apparently a lot of people agreed with me and I didn’t get the gig.

11 Reasons I Sometimes, But Not Always, Dislike Doing List Posts – I’m just don’t like things to proceed in an orderly fashion.

My Ear Itches on the Inside – this one gets a lot of search traffic. I feel sorry for people who thought they’d get answers and got me instead.

7 Things I Really Need to Get the Heck Over – sad to say, writing this post didn’t get me over anything.

Posts About My Life Coach

It seems like the best reason to get a life coach is that it makes excellent blog fodder.

Letters to my Life Coach – he really does think I’m awesome, dangit.

Six Things I Secretly Hope are Included in Life Coaching – none of these things came to be but I still got a lot out of the experience.

My First Life Coaching Session – a bit about my first session with Tim.

How Life Coaching Helped My Blog – yes, it really did help.

My More Serious Side:

I usually stick with humor but sometimes I write about more serious subjects.

Is Racism the New N-Word? – I wrote this one in reaction to a lot of frustration I had with people wanting to sweep racial issues under the rug. I really enjoyed all of the very thoughtful comments.

Dear Stephanie – a letter to my high school best friend

This is How We Learned to Be Writers - a look back at how I got my start writing.


The Why I Hate My Message Board Posts:

The whole reason I started this blog in the first place!

#11 A Lack of Clear Titles

#10 I Have to Run It

#9 It’s All About Me

#8 Intentional Attempted Derailment

#7 Lazy People

#6 Content Free Posting

#5 Viral Words

#4 When Grown Folks Tell Other Grown Folks Not to Whine

#3 When Grown Folks Whine

#2 Signatures Gone Wild

#1 Message Board as Blog


I hope you enjoy these posts and please let me know if there are others you feel should be included on this list. You might be interested in checking out the lists of similar posts at the bottom of each post to help you explore this blog further.


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