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My name is Tracy and I like to write about the odd little things in life here on my personal blog. My blog has been linked to from a wide variety of sites from Gizmodo to the Guardian and was named one of the 10 Best Writer’s Websites by Writer’s Digest in 2009.

I am also a freelance writer who specializes in ghostwriting and content marketing, you can learn more about the services I and my partners offer at Ghostwriter Dad. You may also reach me directly using this contact form or email tracy.oconnor@gmail.com.

Other places on the web you can find me are:



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On a more personal note, I am happily married and the mother of five boys and my hobbies include finding unusual foods, cheesy music and the crazy things people do online. If you’re curious about the name of the site, you can read the story of how I Hate My Message Board came to be.

Some of the more popular series on this site are:

The Museum of Snack Foods including the infamous Whole Chicken in a Can and Pork Brains in Milk Gravy.

Why I Hate My Message Board a tongue in cheek look at all the reasons why people on the internet annoy me.

Recipes for Korean Food including my mom’s famous recipe for egg rolls, which isn’t exactly Korean but my mom is, so I included it.

Plausible Explanations for Inexplicable Crap in which I come up with answers that seem like they can come true to reader questions.

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