Wasabi Kit Kats!

Or, My Sister Moved to Okinawa and Now I’ve Decided to Become a Japanese Kit Kat Blogger

japanese kit kat wasabi flavor

You will not believe all the loot my sister sent me from Japan, including four different kinds of Kit Kats. Believe it or not, that’s just a teensy tiny sample of the many varieties of Kit Kats that have been made in Japan at one time or another.

japanese kitkat wasabi

This is a box of limited edition wasabi flavored Kit Kats (Shizuoka Kanto edition).

japanese kit kats

You know, I think that this is much more inviting than saying “Gimme a break, gimme a break, break me off a piece of that Kit Kat bar”. That always just seemed pushy to me.

japanese wasabi kitkats

The inside of the box is very neatly arranged and satisfies my need for things to seem “fancy-like”.

wasabi kitkat from Japan

Each tiny pack is just 69 calories. 69, dudes! Bill and Ted would approve and thus do I.

And look! If I wanted to pack these in my boys’ lunchboxes, I could write a message of love and encouragement on the back, just like one can on packaged Rice Krispie Treats, only since these treats come from Japan and are limited edition, the message would be far more meaningful and loving.

japanse wasabi kitkats

The color is slightly more green in person and the whole thing smells primarily of white chocolate. I thought I caught a few whiffs of wasabi, but I’m not sure if I really did or I just thought I did because I thought I should.

wasabi kitkat

And the taste? Pretty much like a white chocolate Kit Kat (fairly okay white chocolate, not that super waxy stuff) with some elusive notes of wasabi. You could call it subtle or weak-ass, depending on your perspective. I can feel/taste a slight hint of wasabi on my tongues and the insides of my cheeks but there isn’t a ton of bite to it. My husband and 7 year old didn’t seem to notice much wasabi flavor at all.

If you’d like to try Wasabi Kit Kats for yourself, JBox has some for sale and NapaJapan seems to carry a wide variety as well. (Note: I’ve never purchased from these retailers or have any association with them, so I can’t vouch for them).

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