You Gotta Ac-Cen-Tuate the Positive

Or, Go to Dollar Tree for the Cheap Science Project Materials, Stay for the Blogging Material

unreal sourcreme

I found this in the cooler at Dollar Tree. At first I was just going to take a picture because I was so charmed by the product name, but then I thought, no, I have to taste this because that’s what my people expect of me.

fake sour cream

This product is a terrific example of turning drawbacks into benefit. This isn’t fake sour cream, it’s UNREAL!!!! Sourcreme (creme sounds fancy, no?)! And you get a whole pound of it! For a dollar!

BTW if you visit the website, you’ll find that the company also makes gelatin molds and industrial desserts, like what you get at hospitals and prisons (don’t quote me on the prisons thing, I’d hate to find out that I’d tipped somebody over to a life of crime by giving them the hope of getting dessert every night in the big house).

unreal sourcreme ingredients

This is where I get a bit confused. I thought maybe Unreal!!!!! Sourcreme was a substitute for those who can’t or won’t consume dairy products, but as you can see it’s full of dairy. It is slightly lower in calories and saturated fat than the company’s real sour cream, but if you look up other brands’ fat free sour cream product (like Hood’s), they are all far lower in calories, have zero saturated fat and the first ingredient is skim milk, not water and partially hydrogenated soy bean oil.

I guess the benefit of this product is it’s cheaper? I can’t remember how much fat-free sour cream goes for at the grocery store, but I think you’d pay $1.00 for 8 ounces of the store brand regular sour cream on sale.

unreal sourcreme

But you know what? Maybe it tastes terrific. Maybe it’s a slightly less caloric product at a fantastic price that tastes even better because of the goodness of soy beans.

It smelled like sour cream when I opened it but looked kind of like sour cream and shaving cream had a baby.

The taste? Well, it tasted like cold and waxy aftertaste and not fully incorporated starch. Maybe you could use it as a base for a strongly flavored recipe like french onion dip but no way am I putting this on my burrito.

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