What I Love About My Mom

Or, everyone thank my mom for having me


Tracy as a baby

I didn't remember to ask my mom if I could post a picture of her, so here's one of me as a baby

Note: this is a repost from last year as I am sick today even though it’s mother’s day.

My mom is one of those people who always says what’s on her mind. Sometimes, I wish she’d keep her opinions to herself, but I’ve grown to appreciate that she’ll always tell me what she thinks even if it’s not what I want to here or something I agree with.

She moved to the States from Korea when I was a just a toddler, right before my sister was born. It wasn’t until I was much older that I appreciated what a transition that must have been for her. Not only the different language and customs, but being away from her whole family in the days before cheap long distance phone calls and the internet made keeping in touch very easy.

When I was 8, she stayed behind with me and my younger brother and sister while my father went ahead to his new duty station in Germany so she could get her citizenship and wait for my father to get us housing on post. I think back on it now and marvel how she managed it for six months then flew alone with us to another completely foreign country to start over again.

We weren’t rich when I was growing up, but now I realize how hard my mom and dad worked to give us every opportunity they could. I was able to travel all over Europe as a teenager and get so many experiences that still prove valuable to me after all of these years. If there was any way that they could pay for me and my siblings to be able to take that trip or enrichment opportunity, my mother and father found it.

A memory that really sticks out is my mom rolling and frying a few hundred of her eggrolls every week for a month so that my FBLA chapter could sell them and raise money for a trip to the national convention in the states. She must have seen a lot of potential in me to work that hard to make it possible for me to go. That’s one of the reasons I wanted to share her recipes on my blog, because they are about more than how she gave us good food to eat but a memory of how much she cares about us all.

I haven’t always been the best child a parent could ask for and I’ve made a lot of foolish choices through the years, but I think it was having a mother who had so much strength and determination that helped me always find my way back and to be in the position I am now with so much opportunity ahead of me. There are other mothers who are more touchy-feely and sensitive and probably care a lot more about their kid’s self esteem, but my mother was the perfect mother for me and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without her.

My mother in law is also a very strong woman who has been through a lot but always kept her children first in her heart. My children and nieces and my sister in law’s new baby we’ll soon welcome into our extended family are very lucky to have these two women to love and nurture them and give them an example of backbone and the value of hard work.


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