Japchae Goon Mandu

Or, I like to put carbs in my carbs then fry it up in a pan

japchae goon mandu frozen bag

I found this bag of frozen japchae goon mandu at a local Korean store. Mandu (sometimes spelled mandoo) are Korean dumplings sort of like gyoza or pot stickers. They come in many varieties and can be served steamed, in soup or fried. Goon means fried, I believe although I’m not 100% on this as when I was a child my mother would give us “yaki mandu” which were also fried. I should know better than to write Korean food posts when my mother is asleep so I can’t call to ask!

Japchae refers to the filling, which I’ve described how to make following my mother’s japchae recipe. You’ll notice on the bag it says jabchae, which is an alternate spelling along with chapchae – many Korean sounds lie between two English sounds so you’ll often find words spelled several different ways on menus.


I found “Tastes good mandu – Authentic flavor of Jabchae” delightful. (note click on each picture if you’d like to see a larger version)

japchae goon mandu

CJ Freshian sounds like HR Puffnstuff’s friend!

Instructions are pretty straightforward. I liked that you don’t need a ton of oil to cook these.

Not exactly health food, but the price is right! Just under $8 for about 25 dumplings.

Frozen, read to cook. Each dumpling had one smooth side, one textured side. I’m not sure why, probably something to do with the manufacturing process.


Fully cooked. While the filling didn’t come out looking like lovely fresh japchae, the taste wasn’t bad at all. You could tell that there was MSG in it as the umami was off the hook – it had that hmmm, these aren’t really as good as they taste but I can’t stop eating them quality, much like the finest Doritos.

At least it contained real vegetables!

These aren’t something you’d want to eat all the time, but they are pretty good for frozen food. I served some on the side with some Asian food while my niece was visiting and she snarfed them right up, so they are teen-friendly. If you’d like something a bit better and fresher, try my mom’s spring roll recipe!

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