10 Posts You Won’t Be Reading Because I’m Taking the Day Off

Or, it’s my anniversary, I’m sick and anyway most writing after the headline is superfluous on this blog

Stock photo picture of a family as my husband doesn't want proof online that he's in any way associated with this nonsense.

1. Not that I’m hinting or anything but it’s almost my birthday and I could really use this boombox bag* so as to be able to play “In the Air Tonight” whenever the situation warrants. Which is surprisingly often here in the Dirty South.

2. Confession: I’m not really sure if Dirty South refers to corruption, crime or unspeakable sexual practices. Can any of my readers help me out?

3. Important! Question! Would anyone be interested in creating a bail fund if I decide to do something a little crazy at the Kenny Loggins with the Boston Pops concert? I mean, you don’t bring that crap to my town and expect me to just accept it.

4. Debate: Is it selfish for those that work from home to send their dogs to doggie daycare so that they don’t have to listen to them whine all day because there is a dog across the street? WTF, dog, do you think you own this street or something? Aren’t we Ms. Ladidida-forgot-our-humble-beginnings.

5. My enemy list: elementary drop off and pick up edition, including Ms. Couldn’t fit in Parallel so Parked Diagonally at the Curb and The Complete Disregarders of the Zipper Merge Crew.

6. You know you’re burned out on parenting when you hear Cat’s in the Cradle on the radio and cry tears of relief. You mean one day they’ll leave me alone? I just have to get old? I can do that!**

7. Why does blue frosting make green poop and other toddler potty training mysteries solved!

8. True confessions of an SEO Addict: At my low, I was using any excuse to slip in anchor text no matter who it disgusted or confused. I just had to get my links and wasn’t about to let a little thing like relevance get in my way.

9. Why I hate those “Stay at home moms would totes make a zillion dollars a year for all the jobs they do, if they got paid” studies. Dudes, “if we paid you, it would be a lot!” really doesn’t do bupkus for me. Also, less concerned about what SAHMs would theoretically make, more wondering why the hell we pay daycare workers so little.

10. Dynasty vs Dallas Which team are you? (Or are you a minxy little Falcon’s Crest fan?)

PS as you can see above In the Air Tonight is a most useful song for your various life occasions. Which song would you carry around in your boom box bag?

*totally an affiliate link

**Mommy just makes these jokes on the Internet to pay for you college sweetheart. Cross my heart!


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