Listen Up, I’m About to Drop Some Knowledge About Writing and Life

Or, easing myself back into posting with a round-up-ish post

Just write!

Remember last year when I joined the Blogathon? I wasn’t going to this year but then on the spur of the moment I did and I’ve got way too much foolish pride to back out so you’re stuck with me for the month. Then I might disappear again or I might start blogging here regularly again. I make no promises either way.

Last Blogathon I dedicated Sundays to round up posts where I shared posts that I’d published on other sites as well as things other people wrote that I found nifty, notable or novel. It seems fitting to open the Blogathon with that because it also shows that I have too been doing stuff and am not entirely lazy and unmotivated.

For those who have never met me, my day job is as a writer and content manager over at Ghostwriter Dad wherewe  provide a wide variety of writing and social media services as well as help good writers earn a great living™. Or Sean does, my main job is to listen in on client calls and go “Yeah” as appropriate.

And sometimes they let me out to write posts to share my advice on writing and related matters, such as these:

1. 10 Grammar Rules that You Can (And Should!) Ignore

See those 62 comments? 61 of them are to tell me that I’m wrong. You know what though? Screw those people, I wrote Chicken in a Can, bitches! You can’t tell me I don’t know my way around the English language!

2. Five Blogging Mistakes that Make You Look Dumb

One day I will tell you why my nickname for Sean is “That Headline Writing Asshole” but for today, let’s just say if it had been up to me I would have titled it “Five Blogging Mistakes that are Like, Totally Opportunities to Learn More and Grow!” because unlike some people, I am a graduate of life coaching and very, very positive. But I didn’t need to tell you that because my entire blog design just screams it.

3. The 5 Laws of Grammar Etiquette (How to be Polite to People What Don’t Write So Good)

I wrote this because I felt like the war between the prescriptivists and descriptivists was getting a bit too East Coast/West Coast for my liking. Did Biggie and Tupac teach us nothing? I think that time I tried to be the Good Mood blogger really showed that I am, if nothing else, a bridge-builder. And also full of very helpful advice. And impeccable taste.

4. 9 Easy To Make Word Mistakes That Are Making You Look Dumb

Okay, free marketing advice here: if you use words like warning, mistake and dumb in your headlines, people will not be able to resist the urge to click over to either make sure they aren’t in grave danger of death or humiliation or to laugh at others who are. I think there is possibly an awesome German word for that.

5. 5 Ways To Forget About Writers Block (And Actually Start Writing)

Also numbers, numbers are very good. That’s a good tip when you can’t think of something to write, start with a number. Or if you can’t do that, do this.

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BTW last year I didn’t publish one Blogathon post in on time and didn’t earn a badge. That’s okay though, I think we all came out winners. Here are a few of my favorite posts:

15 Options Facebook Needs to Offer

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It was a Disastrophe of a Day

I’ll update this post later with the URL to the Blogathon blogroll. Next week, I’ll be sure to share some of my favorite discoveries.

Blogathon 2011 Blogroll!

Now I’ll ask you, if you were me and you needed to come up with a post a day for thirty days, what would you blog about?

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