Here’s a little something I like to call The Elvis

Or, your standard banana injected with bacon enhanced peanut butter then fried in butter and topped with some brown sugar sludge

The Elvis

Easing back into posting after the blogcation I found necessary after blogathoning and it seemed like a quick recipe would be the perfect way to sneak back in here.

I’m not the first person to call some mixture of peanut butter, banana and bacon The Elvis but this is the first time I’ve done it and posted it on my blog.

This idea began to take hold in my head after I saw this Nutella stuffed banana and wondered if I could do the same at home. I didn’t have any Nutella and am not mad about it like some are but I did have a jar of Smucker’s Natural Peanut Butter and a package of thick sliced apple wood smoked bacon.

Step 1 Fry up bacon and make biscuits so that the family doesn’t suspect anything is up.

Step 2 Hide a couple of pieces of bacon

Step 3 Pretend like it’s time to tidy up so that the family disperses

Step 4 Crumble a half slice of bacon into small pieces and mix with a spoonful of peanut butter

Step 5 Make a hole in the banana. I wasn’t sure how to do this so I decided to use a turkey baster. It did a pretty good job of hollowing out the banana without ripping it.

Step 6 Try to get the bacon peanut butter into the banana. This would prove to be more difficult. I realize now, too late, that I probably could have stuck it inside a sandwich bag and cut a hole at the end to use as a piping bag.  Instead I figured the turkey baster had worked so well in getting the stuff out that it would work equally as well at putting stuff back in.

No, not really.

You can see that although I did manage to stuff the banana, it was not nearly as pretty as the one in the site I linked above.

This was about the point when my husband caught me and slowly walked away, completely unexcited about the prospect of sharing a peanut butter and bacon stuffed banana with me. I think it’s because he’s foreign.

So I tasted it, and it was good, very rich, very satisfying but not completely so. Something was missing, the part where it gets fried in butter.

I cut what remained into little rounds, then took the bottom of another banana that my kid had partially eaten and cut off the part he slobbered on and sliced it horizontally then cut a notch into each half, a trough if you will and stuffed that with the remaining peanut butter and bacon mixture then put it back together.

Maybe it’s a little grody to use a partially eaten banana in my recipes, but I’ve been eating partially eaten bananas for years now, ever since I started having kids, and have not died once. If you came to my house, sure I’d give you your own fresh, never been chewed on banana but you were not at my house when I made this recipe, were you?

In a non stick pan, I put a tablespoon of butter and let it melt then put the bananas inside and thought, hey, why not add some brown sugar? And so I did and cooked on each side  until nice and brown and removed from the pan.

Then there was lots of lovely brown sugar and butter sludge in the bottom, so I thought it would make a nice sauce on top but it wasn’t really in a saucy mood so I added a bit of cream and it became a softer sludge, but still not sauce so I decided screw it and put dollops of it on top of each piece.

And I ate it and it was good. The banana was gooey and sweet, the peanut butter was rich and the little bits of bacon were like little crunchy taste explosions. If you don’t like or don’t eat bacon, it would be still be delicious without it, but I think it adds a nice touch of savory to all the sweet.

My only regret is that I did not flambe it so I could call it a hunka hunka burning Elvis love.


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