Five Things I’m Addicted To

Or, five things to which I am addicted? Number one of which is not the grammar.

fabulous_blog_awardSticky Fingers gave me this blog award. I am not sure how these things work, but I think I am supposed to list the five things I am addicted to and then pass the award on. I wish it had come with an actual big hat and sunglasses, but I understand my fellow bloggers are on tight budgets.

Before we get started on my addictions, two things:

In case you missed it, I was featured on Blogging Without a Blog! You can imagine how much I loved that! BWaB is one of the best blogs for bloggers that I know of and the community in the comments is awesome.

I’m still trying to think of creative ways to spread the word about the I Hate My Message Board Forums especially the OFFS forum which is where I put my blog overflow and the Writer’s Forum. If anyone has any ideas or wants to give us a shout out on your various shouting places, I’d be ever so grateful.

And with the announcements out of the way, here are my addictions:

1. Weird food items

This is not a surprise to anyone, is it? Other people can be content just seeing something weird on the shelf or a picture of some strange food on the internet and not take it any further, I have to buy it, taste it, photograph it and put it on my blog. Sometimes this is good, my mom just sent me a box of limited edition Milkas and who doesn’t like Japanese candy?

Other times it is very scary and people question my sanity. That’s okay, my snack foods are all the validation I need.

2. Funny T-Shirts

I keep telling myself I’m of an age where I should dress in proper clothes. You know, tailored and crap like that lady in the award button. And I do have some nice clothes, but nothing makes me happier than a funny t-shirt. I just got these from Threadless and am wearing them proudly:


breakdance13. Celebrity

The other day somebody on my Digg friend list sent me a shout to the video below and I just about jumped out of my chair because that guy playing Harry Potter? I know the woman he works for at his day job! His name is Kamen Edwards, isn’t he cute? And I know he’s going to be famous, and since I know somebody who knows him, that means I’m practically a star myself! These are the kinds of vague connections to superstardom that I live for. And yes, I hate myself a little bit for it, but not as much as I hate toiling in obscurity.

ETA: Eeek! I was walking the kids home from school and realized that what needs to happen is somebody has to offer me $$$ for a book of my Forever Young series which will be made into a MAJOR MOTION PICTURE (I think we’ll all agree I am far too quirky for Lifetime – they prefer the blandly tragic) and Kamen can play either my high school boyfriend Mike or my old friend Omar. WIN-WIN!

4. My iPhone

I would never have bought one on my own, but from the minute my husband put that box in my hands, I was hooked. Which is bad, because it allows me to indulge in addiction number 5 anywhere and everywhere.

5. Taking pictures of random crap and sending it to people

Yeah, you might think you want to be my email buddy, but you really don’t because once you’re on the list, who knows what I’ll send you. The crap I take pictures of and post on this blog and my message board? Nothing compared to the random photos I send to my email list. My kid eating something. My kid asleep. A cloud. A weird plant. Street trash. This yard that appears to be carpeted with green felt.


And the Fabulous Blog award gets passed on to: The bloggers of IHMMB! There are too many to put in this post, but you can check out the list here. Please leave a link to your list in the comments so we can all check it out!

Thanks Sticky Fingers for the great writing prompt!

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