Korean Medicine Tea

I have a head cold, one so severe and miserable that Western medicine can’t begin to touch it. So, instead I have decided to turn to this box of Korean medicine tea, sent to me by my Korean mother.

On the box it says herb tonic but I will still call it Korean medicine tea because that’s what my mother told me it was.

What kind of medicine? Who knows! Could be a laxative, could be nerve pills, why are you so picky? What is it supposed to cure? Again, don’t be a smarty-aleck, you must not be that sick yet if you have energy to ask too many questions. But, if you insist, here are the ingredients:

Jujubes and cinnamon, what could be more wholesome? I am not sure what a jujube is, but it sounds like it is just bursting with health.

And it comes in hygienic single serve sachets!

I guess labeling laws in other countries don’t require you to list things like sugar and pine nuts. I tried to take a picture of what the tea looks like but my lens kept steaming up and it was blurry because the chunks were moving. Instead I took a video. Forgive the absence of a voice over, I have a head cold and it was all I could do not to cough or sniffle while I was taping.

The taste is really good, sort of like cinnamon and sugar and a slightly bitter taste (the jujubes?). I like chewing the pine nuts although some might find it disconcerting to have chunks in their tea. You need to keep your strength up when you are sick, so I find the addition of bits and pieces welcome. All in all Korean medicine tea hits the spot, two chopsticks up!

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