WIHMMB – Reason #3 When Grown Folks Whine

I write this with trepidation as I’m pretty sure a case could be made for me being guilty of this. It wouldn’t be a very good case, as it’s simply not factual, but it would be most tedious to have to answer to the accusation. There is also the problem that it could seem as if this is in response to goings on in my message board world; I considered that it could be taken as such and contemplated putting this off and writing one of the other reasons. It then occurred to me that there never would be a time when there wasn’t whining going on, and so I decided to go carry on with my planned schedule.

Delusional Ideas of What is Fair

Whining seems to stem from the expectation that everything be fair, and when everything is not fair, the only thing to be done is to be annoying. Mostly this comes from Delusional Ideas Of What Is Fair (DIoWiF). I can remember reading a few times posters lamenting that it just wasn’t fair that just because other folks came across as intelligent and level headed, and offering well structured fact based arguments, people tended to put more stock in what they said. I suppose the heart of it is true, it isn’t fair to any of us that some people aren’t that bright, but it’s hardly reasonable to expect that we pretend otherwise.

HOLMs Syndrome

Consistency, or lack thereof, is another big whining point. HOLMs Syndrome, I call it, for obvious reasons. Sometimes it is valid observation but becomes problematic when the HOLMs sufferer latches on to it and won’t let go, ever and finds some sort of consolation in at least being consistent about bringing it up. But if I said…, But when I did…but other people…. There are a lot of people who suffer from HOLMs Syndrome that are not whiners, a lot of them are pokey-prodders (although not all pokey-prodders have HOLMs Symdrome, it’s complex, really I’ll need to make some sort of graphic to fully explain).

Oh! Those Paradoxical Whiners!

Whiners also like to imagine themselves at once ignored and constantly picked on, I wish the first part could be true and I’m afraid the second part is. Whining brings out the worst in everyone, even good people like me. It probably would be best for all concerned if whining were universally ignored, but it’s like a big fat pimple that you just have to squeeze to see if you can’t make it go away, even though you know you’ll just make it worse. There will always be whiners among us; I should probably attempt to make some positive suggestions on how to deal with it, but I’m more the people are annoying and must be punished type, not the let’s look at the root cause and find a solution type. Let’s face it, nobody should be reading my writing because it’s just going to encourage you to be even more negative than you already are.






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